About Me
Jason Paulhamus
(570) 998-8051
     I was born in 1974 in Williamsport, PA.  I've been drawing as long as I can remember, ever since I could hold a pencil.  I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  I graduated from Messiah College in 1997 with a BA in Fine Arts with an illustration concentration.  I started my career selling paintings in local galleries.  I began freelancing in late 2002.  Since then I have worked with many clients throughout the country and the world.  I've created art for greeting cards, game cards, t-shirts, character designs, logos, product designs, and books.  My real passion is children's books and that is my main career focus as well as cartoons and comic book style artwork.  I also teach art classes at Saint John's School of the Arts and the CHEF Co-op.  My hobbies include the art of bonsai and growing carnivorous plants, fishing, videogames, collecting Transformers, reading comic books, and I'm a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book TV shows, cartoons, and movies. Thanks for looking at my site and feel free to contact me if you need anything!